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A Meryl Streep Icon Challenge Community

A Meryl Streep Icon Challenge Community
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Rules and Information

You must be a member to participate in the challenges.
Icons have to be created especially for the challenge. They must not be posted anywhere else before the end of the challenge when the winners are announced.
Brushes, text, textures, blending are all allowed in the challenges except for animations.
All icons submitted must fit Livejournal standards meaning that they cannot exceed 40kb, must be 100x100px and PNG (recommended), GIF, or JPG in format.
Icons must be uploaded at an image hosting site (eg. Photobucket) and posted in a comment to the challenge post with both the image and URL.


Participants are not allowed to vote for themselves, nor get others to vote for them.
Votings are screened, so voters will remain anonymous.
Members should respect other members as well as the grand lady of the comm, the lovely Meryl.
If you would like to use any of the icons submitted, please ask the makers. Taking without permission is rude, and in poor taste.
Enjoy yourselves! :)

Your moderators are caramelapples11 and ballion. If you have any questions/suggestions, please head over the the Suggestion Box.

If you would like to affiliate with us, please head over to the Affiliates post.

Thank you and we hope you'll enjoy your stay!

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Journal layout by mintypeach with modifications by theyplaycreole
Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide